Are you also troubled by how to chase girls? I’ll tell you the first thing you should really do to chase a girl.

Boys, are you troubled by how to chase girls, and have you experienced the following similar situations?

– You’ve had a crush on a girl in the next department for a while, and you’ve plucked up the courage to confess your love to her; you thought she’d be “shy and happy to exchange lines with you”, but you didn’t realize that she’d “awkwardly refuse and leave the scene”…

– After chatting with a girl on a dating app, I thought she had a good impression of me, so I proposed the idea of a solo outing, but I didn’t expect to be blocked….

Often guys in similar situations will attribute such failures to the fact that “it must be because I’m not handsome enough”, “girls are hard to understand”, and some may even get angry and think “girls are hard to get”. While I understand your frustration, boys, don’t you want to know what the real problem is? It’s simple, it’s because you’re taking actions at the wrong time that shouldn’t be taking place at this stage!

The key first step in how to chase girls: “Zero Attention Stage”

In addition to the above mentioned sorority activities, workplace, or dating apps, as long as you can get to know the opposite sex of the occasions, there may be a girl that you want to get to know further, but the other party is still very unfamiliar to you. But how do you chase a girl and what is the first thing to do? Have you ever heard of the “zero attention stage” of chasing girls? At this point, the girl may not know you exist, not particularly notice you, or even if she knows you, she has never regarded you as a “target”. To put it simply, you are still excluded from the list of people that the other person is considering for a relationship.

Whether the relationship has developed smoothly or not, the “Zero Attention Stage” is a very crucial first step, because apart from the first impression, most of the time, the two people just know each other or the first interaction is irreversible (yes, those Korean dramas or movies that often show that “the hero at first screwed up or gave the heroine a very bad first impression, and then in the end, it was reversed into the two people in love with each other” do not exist in real life). The movie does not exist in real life).

But guys often can’t wait to ask each other for a line, a dinner date, or even a confession in a short period of time, mistakenly believing that as long as they offer their love or express their affection, they will have a chance to be listed as one of the candidates for the other party’s relationship, not realizing that from the girl’s point of view, it’s actually just the opposite.

What do girls think when they are in the “zero attention stage”?

Girls have a subconscious filtering mechanism that automatically categorizes guys as either “impossible” or “completely impossible”. In principle, a girl will only accept a guy who doesn’t reject her, and will not be willing to flirt with a guy who doesn’t fall into this category. Therefore, if you have not yet entered the unlikely list, frequent approach to each other, express favor, offer affection, and even start to pursue, it will only cause a great counterproductive effect.

This also echoes what I said earlier, one of the most common mistakes that guys make when pursuing girls is “taking inappropriate actions at the wrong time”, such as over-exerting themselves, talking at an incessant pace, flirting with girls without knowing the proper limits, or asking girls about their relationship status right out of the gate, and then finally misjudging the situation so that the girls don’t even have the will to continue to get to know you, which is a waste of time.

If your relationship with the object of your desire remains in the “zero attention stage”, remember, no matter how much you like the girl, the only goal at this time is not to chase her to the hand, but to cross the threshold of the immediate zero attention, so that she does not exclude you from more interactions, the first to obtain the “qualification”.

The first thing you need to do before thinking about how to chase a girl is to master the 3 main points, so that you can easily cross the threshold of zero attention.

✔️ Point 1: Let the girl think you are a “normal person”.

First of all, let me define “normal” here as being able to get along naturally and comfortably, with an attitude that is neither pretentious nor deliberate. It doesn’t sound like a hard thing to do, but many guys, perhaps due to a lack of opportunities to practice interacting with girls or a lack of understanding of girls, display all sorts of strange and puzzling behaviors when they first get to know each other.

For example, in the dating app just exchanged to Line immediately want to talk on the phone, the first date to talk about the experience of going abroad, directly to all the countries that have been to Europe with rap quickly read once, or constantly emphasize that they only ride a bike did not drive, although these behaviors are not harmless, but give the girl a kind of “very strange”, “too much” or “you are very lack of self-confidence,” the feeling, and even the second date! The most important thing to remember is that you can’t even have a second date or a chance to interact with the girl.

✔️ Point 2: Make girls “not hate you


Many guys mistakenly think that girls are only attracted to good-looking guys, and that if they don’t look good, they are doomed to have no chance. However, compared to good-looking guys, most girls actually care more about whether or not you have a decent attitude, basic etiquette, and are a clean person. For example, when you express your desire to get to know the other person, does it give the impression that you have strange intentions or impure motives? Or do you seem to be a man who is polite and knows how to respect women, in fact, girls can feel it.

Clothing if you want to give each other a good impression, do not need to spend a lot of money to buy brand-name, but to choose a suitable version of their own body shape, fit and neat clothing can be. If your body type is slightly fat, you can consider a slim shirt with stiff khaki pants, thin body, the upper body can add a blazer to increase the sense of solidity.

Appearance, the face is not greasy, hairstyle fresh, scruff and nose hair organized; short hair is recommended to reveal the forehead, long hair can be tied a small ponytail, wearing glasses, the lens must be wiped clean, so as not to make people feel that you do not repair. Believe me, girls are very detail-oriented animals, so these small places should not be ignored.

✔️ Point 3: Let the girl see what she appreciates about you.

It’s not about listing all your strengths and abilities to each other, but rather bringing out your good qualities in your interactions, such as being funny, gentlemanly, generous, and knowing how to listen. Just because she hasn’t paid much attention to you and doesn’t know you yet, the way you interact is very important. As long as the conversation is light and humorous, but not too solemn, with a sincere smile, the girl will usually still give a polite response.

As for what is appropriate to talk about? Suggested from shallow to deep to find the topic, talk about your work, leisure interests, favorite things, impressive experience or interesting stories, etc., but also take the opportunity to listen to the girl statement about their own part, from which to find out each other’s intersection, to develop the two common and branching out of the topic, so that she will be from the conversation to get to know you little by little.

In addition, the interaction must avoid unnecessary physical contact or attempts to create ambiguity, not only that, if the shyness and shyness, eyes do not dare to look at each other, but also may let the girl left a bad impression. In short, the point is to make the atmosphere relaxed and free of burden, so as not to accidentally start the girl’s defense mechanism.

Don’t fall into the trap of being tempted to take action before confirming that you’ve crossed the zero-attention threshold – the more tempted you are, the more you want to take action, and it’s often at this point that you mess up everything. Remember to hold back any behavior to please or pursue, to “slowly get to know rather than pursuing” for the purpose of interaction with the girl, even if the relationship is not immediately forward, there is no harm, the important thing is to let the other party to retain a good impression of you, the possibility of your relationship with her still have the opportunity to be opened, who knows!

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