Dinner dates have passed . Try these creative date ideas

Dinner dates have passed . Try these creative date ideas

Planning to woo your loved one on Valentine’s Day with the usual dinner at a decent restaurant? According to a new survey, this dinner won’t cut it-you’ll need to come up with some more creative date ideas.

The key to the perfect date: a little culture

More than 70% of people in the UK and US believe that new cultural experiences are key to keeping the spark alive, while more than 50% want to experience something novel for the first time.

These are some of the key findings from a recent Tiqets survey of 4,000 people in the UK and US. So whether you’re looking for second date ideas in a brand new relationship or in the ‘date night ideas for married couples’ category, you may want to shift your search from restaurant reviews to cultural events.

Another interesting insight from the survey can help you plan this Valentine’s Day or prepare for the perfect date: getting outside! The idea of an outdoor date fared well with both US and UK survey respondents.

Thirty-five percent of U.S. respondents thought that strolling through a park or botanical garden was the best daytime date option; 26 percent liked the idea of visiting a zoo; and a further 20 percent felt that there was more interest in a river/canal cruise for a higher level of activity than a standard indoor one (and yes, we’re referring to last year’s dinner and a movie extravaganza).

As for the UK, 45% of respondents enjoyed a walk in the park, 30% were keen to sail on a river or canal, and a further 28% enjoyed a trip to the zoo.

Looking for more guidance on designing the perfect date? According to the survey, more than 50% of people surveyed in the US and UK would be impressed by a ‘fun’ date, while more than a third would be impressed by something ‘surprising’. It’s understandable: who doesn’t like riding roller coasters and doesn’t want to grab their date’s hand easily?

Find the right cultural experience for your date

While amusement parks may be a way to get into someone’s heart, the way to stay in someone’s mind is through new cultural experiences. Seventy-seven percent of U.S. respondents surveyed agreed that new cultural experiences reinvigorate a couple’s relationship, while 71 percent of U.K. respondents echoed this sentiment. However, if coming up with creative date ideas puts you in a bind, stay calm and keep reading.

First, don’t worry about planning too soon. According to the survey: in the U.S., one-third of people prefer to plan a date a few days before the time, and one in ten schedule a date on the same day. In the UK, a third will plan a few days before and only 3% of respondents will plan a month in advance.

Second: You have lots of options. The Cultural Experiences category is a broad and beautiful one, covering all the fun ways and interesting ways to spend a day with someone, including those that don’t involve facing the fear of high altitude.

Start planning the perfect date by considering topics related to your date: art, pop culture, history, nature, sports, animals …… your main theme is. Once you have found a theme (or two), continue to look for activities centered around that theme. Examples might be The Churchill War Rooms For World War II fanatics The Royal Botanic Gardens For nature buffs The Museum of Modern Art Dedicated to contemporary art enthusiasts, or Broadway musicals for theater lovers.

More than 70 percent of respondents said they plan to do more than one activity on a given date, so if you can’t decide between a boat tour and a walk in the park, do both. If you’re a big fan of dinner dates, keep that reservation and add a cultural event.

It does look good …… but a boat tour would be better!

Need more inspiration? Here are the best 10 best daytime hours, according to survey respondents.

Results of the UK survey

  1. a walk in a park or botanical garden, such as Kew Gardens
  2. river or canal cruises
  3. going to the zoo
  4. historic sites, e.g. Independence Hall
  5. a boat trip
  6. a visit to a castle or palace
  7. modern cultural attractions, e.g. Madame Tussauds or Warner Brothers Studio Tour
  8. city observation deck
  9. amusement or water park
  10. art/music museum

Results of the U.S. Survey

  1. a walk in a park or botanical garden (e.g., Central Park)
  2. going to the zoo
  3. river or canal cruise
  4. modern cultural attractions, e.g. Empire State Building or Warner Brothers Studio Tour
  5. historical attractions, such as Independence Hall
  6. an amusement park or water park
  7. boat trip
  8. visit to a castle or palace
  9. aquarium
  10. art/music museum

And, if you’re prepared to ask the question, respondents identified this as the most romantic place to visit.

Results of the UK survey

  1. the Eiffel Tower
  2. Niagara Falls
  3. Venice Gondola
  4. London Eye
  5. Central Park

Results of the United States survey

  1. Central Park
  2. Eiffel Tower
  3. Niagara Falls
  4. Venice Gondola
  5. London Eye

Looking for more creative date ideas? We’re all over the place.

Be inspired by these creative date ideas

First Date Ideas

First impressions are lasting impressions. For a first date, choose an activity that is fun but not too radical and allows you to have some conversation.

Explore an interesting exhibit at a museum or gallery

Show off your cultural heritage by taking you to a new exhibit at a museum or gallery (daytime was the favorite for 23% of UK respondents and 33% of US respondents). If you don’t know much about each other, the subject matter of the exhibit could be a great conversation starter-perhaps a gateway to common interests or even shared passions.

Take a look at these museum choices: The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art (New York), the Louvre (Paris), the National Museum (Amsterdam) and the Prado Museum (Madrid).

The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York has a number of interesting new exhibitions.

Visit local landmarks

Play tourist with your home city and plan your rendezvous spot around a cool monument or beautiful building. If the date falls through then you won’t be stuck in an agonizingly long event, and if all goes well you can always extend the time with a coffee or a drink.


Inspirational sights: The Eiffel Tower (Paris), the Sydney Opera House (Sydney), the Colosseum (Rome), the Ritz Palace (Vienna) and the Doge’s Palace (Venice).

This classic landmark is a favorite of couples all over the world.

Second Date Ideas

Keep it fun on the second date with these creative date ideas with more romantic meaning.

Discover Local Hidden Gems Together

Most people like to do something fun or unexpected on a date, so look for something different! Delve into the city’s hidden gems and pick an off-the-beaten-path attraction for an unforgettable second date.


A few examples: Wine tasting at Les Caves du Louvre (Paris), a concert Kursalon (Vienna), an underground tour of the towers of the Trevi Fountain (Rome), climbing the breathtaking spiral staircase of the Scala Contarini del Bovolo (Venice), where to have a little fun Spy View (New York).

Wine tasting after a morning at the Louvre? Yes, please!

Romance along the scenic route and then head to the observation deck

from the top for an unobstructed view. The Observation Deck is a great way to add to your standard dinner or drink options. So set the mood with stunning city views, or end on a high note with a spectacular view.


Top Picks: Enjoy picturesque views of the Empire State Building (New York), Burj Khalifa (Dubai) The Shard (London) and SkyPoint Observatory (Surfers Paradise).

Top-notch creative date ideas…as long as your date isn’t plagued by vertigo.

Outdoor Date Ideas

Survey results show that the best dates are the ones that involve sunshine and fresh air. Here are some of the best outdoor date ideas.

Stroll through the nearest park or botanical garden

If you don’t know much about dates, picturesque spots and spacious gardens are an easy option. Take in the scenery and enjoy the fresh air – and hopefully each other’s company!


Some favorites: Royal Botanic Gardens (London), Central Park (New York), ParcGüell Park (Barcelona), Yoyogi Park (Tokyo) and Hooge Veluwe National Park in the Netherlands.

Güell, it’s a great way to spend quality time!

Cruise on the river together

Find your sea legs together and take a dip in the river or canal. Leave the captain for the skipper and enjoy the gentle swaying of the boat and the feeling of a special person sitting next to you.

Some suggestions for sailing: hop on a gondola (Venice), cruise some canals (Amsterdam), float down the Seine (Paris), hang out on the Hudson River (New York), and then cruise along the coast from (Barcelona).

If you’re nice enough, you might even get a song from the boatman.

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