How to chase a girl so that you won’t get tired of chasing her? You must have never heard of the “Three Stages of Pursuit”.

How to chase girls, for some guys, like a natural skill, they always have a way to easily get a girlfriend; but for other guys, how to chase girls is like a profound knowledge, even if there are a lot of “pursuit” experience, in the pursuit of girls, but still repeatedly hit a brick wall, can not feel the clues and can not catch the trick.

In fact, if you are always in the process of chasing girls is not smooth, does not mean that you “not good enough” or “the wrong person”, it may be that you have never understood the girls, often wrongly assessed the situation of the pursuit process (or simply did not think to assess), always in the wrong time to take the pursuit of the action that you think is right, unilateral payment, and even regardless of the girls like it or not, is always rampant confessions, dedicate, so that the counterproductive last early! The game is over.

How to chase girls, generally speaking, from the time you notice each other to start dating, roughly will go through three stages: zero attention to the stage, do not exclude the stage, ambiguous stage, smooth if you have the opportunity to move forward to the stage of dating. The focus of each stage is different, and what the girl is thinking will also change as the stage progresses. In this article, I will outline the meaning of these stages, the mindset of the girl, and the appropriate actions to take at each stage.

How to Chase Girls Stage I [Zero Attention Stage]: The Starting Point of Every Relationship

Reality is cruel, unless you are famous or super attractive yourself and people are always rushing to get to know you, for most people who want to get to know the opposite sex, they almost always need to start from the zero attention stage.

What is the zero attention stage? Simply put, it means that “the other party did not notice you, or although they know you, but have not thought that you have the possibility of development, you are excluded from the list of potential considerations, your willingness to pay attention to you is zero.

Every girl’s subconscious mind usually has a screening mechanism that automatically categorizes the guys in front of her. In principle, they only accept to be categorized in the “do not exclude the opportunity to develop” of the boys on their own show of good, if there is a boy is clearly not in this category, but consciously or unconsciously have been trying to take advantage of the opportunity to get close to, then not only is it difficult to produce chemistry, and may even cause the girls resentment.

You may be asking, “So if I’m not on this potential list, does that mean it’s three strikes and you’re out?” Actually, not necessarily.

It’s not your fault that you’re in the zero-attention stage, it’s just that in this stage, either the other person doesn’t know you at all, or you’re just nodding acquaintances, or you know you’re a person, but don’t think you have the potential to develop. Therefore, at this time, the only thing you need to do, in fact, just “leave a good impression”, so that you have the opportunity to be reclassified to the potential list.

A lot of guys are easily defeated in the “eagerness”, that want to let the girls notice their own have to hurry to do something, self-centered into the feelings, and then began to start the pursuit, confession, so accidentally start the girl’s defense mechanism, and wait until this time, it is really a three-strike out of the game.

If you hope to cross this stage, there are a few points that need special attention:

– You need to make the girl feel that you are a normal person who can get along naturally, with a subdued and unpretentious attitude. Some people in the early stage of meeting the opposite sex of the gains and losses of too heavy, but will be in the relationship with the opposite sex to bring pressure, the relationship progress and thus stop, that would not be worth it.

– You have to make the opposite sex not hate you, in addition to decent attitude, dress is also very important. It’s not that you have to wear designer clothes to go out on a date, but you have to look clean and presentable so that she at least thinks you’re a guy who knows how to take care of himself.

– You need to show her that you have something to appreciate and motivate her to want to get to know you better. This doesn’t mean that you have to do something unique to get her attention, but rather, you have to show your good qualities naturally and unobtrusively in your normal life. For example, the timely expression of humor, let her feel and you chat is very interesting; share to know some of her do not know something or point of view, let her think you have ideas and insight; or show your talent, ability, special experience, let her to you to produce a feeling of admiration, each girl like point is different, do a good job of your own on good, if the right words, naturally, will be progressed again.

-The following is a list of the most important things that you can do to make your life better.

How to chase girls stage II [not rejected stage]: the beginning of the slow warming up

If you can successfully pass the zero attention stage, then congratulations, you will enter the non-rejection stage.

In this stage, you may have successfully been put on the list of possible developments by the girl. In other words, she’s still impressed with you and isn’t averse to interacting with you more or getting along naturally if given the chance. However, you need to be careful about how you move forward, because even if a girl is willing to start giving you a chance to express yourself at this stage, she won’t be particularly attracted to you yet.

To put it more simply, at this stage you’re just a friend, or slowly becoming a good friend, but that’s about it.

Don’t underestimate the words “nothing more than that”. Being able to move from the zero-attention stage to the “non-rejection” stage means that you have more opportunities to interact with her, and if things go well, the other person will even take the initiative to ask you out.

So, what actions should you take at the non-rejection stage?

First of all, you can try to slowly put a little bit of ambiguous elements in the interaction between the two, test to see how the other party reacts. For example, you can ask each other to drink a cup of coffee alone, alone interaction, or message chat frequency increased little by little, with some “a little ambiguous and not too ambiguous” way of interaction, if the other party’s response is good, perhaps the relationship has a good chance to move forward, congratulations, if the other party refused it does not matter, the first convergence of a little bit and wait for other moments, as long as you know that the time to go in, when the time to go out on the retreat. It’s okay.

In short, in this stage, your goal is to pull the distance through flirting, in front of each other to create your attraction, and gradually out of the pure friendship zone, in order to smoothly enter the ambiguous stage. However, there is also a small reminder, even if you want to fight for more interaction opportunities, do not be stupid to endless unilateral payment, or long time will only be treated as a tool person.

How to chase girls Stage III [ambiguous stage]: slow down a little, but rather good

If you can successfully cross the non-rejection stage, the two will advance to the ambiguous stage. Because you have a good relationship foundation in the first two stages, so in this stage, the girl also began to have a good feeling about you, and you consciously included in the list of considerations. At this time, girls will use “friends above, lovers not yet full” to describe your relationship, but in the end, girls for the selection of objects is still full of rationality, so even if you know that the two have a good feeling about each other, but will not immediately give you a commitment to the relationship.

Some people may hold “ambiguous from the dating not far away” mentality, and hope to quickly enter into a formal relationship. However, if you want to develop a stable and long-lasting relationship with the other person, I would suggest slowing down the progress first. There are a lot of people who date right after a short period of flirting, but end up breaking up after just a month or two, all because they don’t know each other well enough. After all, although the warming of feelings rely on emotion, but can not get along with the need is to rationally assess whether the two people are suitable; if the two people in a hurry to observe each other before, but after the breakup and then have to spend some time to recover, these costs are very high, but it will cost you more than it’s worth.

Another situation is that some people in the ambiguous stage to stay too long, the girl can not guess what you have on the relationship in the end what you think, and finally lost the motivation to move forward to the stage of dating, gradually fade away the feelings of the two people back to a pure friendship, which is another kind of gain is not worth the loss.

All in all, can successfully enter the ambiguous stage is a very good thing, but still suggest not to rush, first make enough understanding of each other, observe and talk about each other’s values, habits, family of origin, interests and so on whether similar? Apart from that, it is also important to observe whether the other person has any shortcomings that you can’t tolerate.

Wait until there is a certain degree of observation, judgment of two people dating is complementary, then enter the dating stage, and each other to confirm the partnership, I think it is more appropriate approach.

To summarize, the main purpose of this article is to help you figure out the three stages of the two in the official start of the relationship before the three stages, you can more clearly see their own stage and more grasp of the girl in mind, to avoid excessive impatience, but also to avoid being too slow to the correct and in line with the girl’s mindset of the way step by step, in order to succeed in breaking the cycle of “the pursuit of the always hitting a brick wall,” to get the love that you want.

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