4 abnormal conditions of women’s private parts, you know it well

The girl’s private parts can be described as a place full of secrets, it is hidden and great, the boys will not know, the girl’s private parts but to spend a lot of effort to take care of it, here is a very eventful place, the girl’s private parts are very easy to be some bacteria ah virus ah invasion, at the same time this place is very soft, if once targeted, then you have to send a lot of work to take care of it.


Women’s private parts are small, but once these problems arise, it is necessary to take care of it!



A, odor

Women’s private parts are also urinary excretion place, if not properly cared for, there will often be odor, this odor people always like to ignore, do not think, or think that this is a normal situation.


Although, women’s private parts will secrete leucorrhea, leucorrhea is with a little smell, but the appearance of odor can not be ignored, the normal leucorrhea is not with odor, if there is a tawdry, fishy smell, then be careful, this is a precursor to the arrival of disease.


Second, itching

The itch may not often appear, some people appear also thought that is the underwear or sanitary napkin uncomfortable caused by, if the private parts once the itch that can be exceptionally careful, the private parts of the infection is caused by the itch.


The reason for itching is that the private parts may be occupied by bacteria, which lurk in the women’s private parts and cause infections that can lead to vaginitis.


If vaginitis occurs, it can be a major blow to women. Please pay close attention to the itching of the private parts, and if the itching is abnormal, you can go directly to the hospital to check if you have contracted the disease.


Three, lumps

There are also lumps or small white spots that often appear in the private parts, the appearance of lumps is the pubic hardening, small white blocks are lighter and whiter, these problems really need to pay attention to the appearance of these problems, it is very likely that the lumps caused by folliculitis, hair follicle blockage, etc..


In addition, if the lumps keep appearing, it is very likely to be a tumor, so please seek medical attention. The appearance of small white lumps is a sign of vulvar dermatophytosis, which may also be accompanied by itching, and the appearance of small white lumps is caused by endocrine disorders. If these symptoms appear, they should not be ignored.


IV. Dark spots

If black spots appear, there is a high possibility that vulvar cancer will appear in your private parts, and many cancers are still incurable.


Don’t look at women’s private parts as hidden, it can cause a lot of problems, we should not neglect the care of private parts during the weekdays, we should always pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of private parts, don’t have some abnormal sexual behavior or other signs, if there are problems, we must seek medical attention in time.

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