I heard that cycling hurts the penis, is it true

This smart, environmentally friendly, convenient and affordable way of riding is very convenient for people in the city to travel, and it is very popular once it is launched.

But cycling can affect erectile function in a significant number of men is a long-standing rumor, especially for some introverted, careful male friends will have a degree of concern and panic.


Cycling can affect the penis?

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he was, and he hastened to consult the male clinic of the hospital.


The bicycle is a whole body coordinated exercise, especially for the lower abdomen, lumbosacral and perineal area of the muscles, blood vessels, nerves and other tissues and organs of the movement, and can improve the blood circulation of the pelvic floor, the local erection-related nerve reflexes also play a role in exercise, these are conducive to the play of sexual function.


However, long time cycling will affect sexual function to a certain extent. This has a lot to do with the location of the male sex organs “dangerous”. The bicycle can be used as a travel substitute.


Therefore, the bicycle can be used as a travel tool, long time cycling is not recommended, of course, we can also make some appropriate adjustments to the bicycle, such as choosing a soft cushion, the middle of the cushion slightly concave, short ride, etc., in the cycling process, when encountering red lights, you can stop to do anal action, of course, long time riding can also be pushed for a distance, these ways can be very good protection The prostate gland can reduce the occurrence of related diseases, thus protecting sexual function.

The actual bicycle will affect the sexual function of this worry and concern is understandable, but we need to treat it differently, sharing the bicycle said we do not carry this pot, moderate riding sharing the bicycle will not take away your “sexual” happiness, but will make you more “sexual” happiness.

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