Sex in the water is very pleasant, but these risks you must know

How many of you have ever fantasized about doing something humiliating in a pool or bathtub? These fantasies are always accompanied by a variety of doubts, today, a good chatter about the issue of sex in the water.



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Can I get pregnant if I have sex in the pool?

Some people are curious, can you get pregnant if you have sex in the water? In fact, this is a probability problem, if the man held back “retreat”, and then ejaculate into the water, then basically the girl simply can not be pregnant. Unless he did not have time to “retreat” in time, then the probability of women getting pregnant is no different from having sex elsewhere.


Some curious babies also asked me: sperm can not swim? Even if they are shot into the water, the sacred mission of reproduction that they carry in their DNA will drive them to swim into that dark cave in search of the egg cell that they are destined to unite with.


I must say, the imagination is rich, but the reality is always harsh~


– If sperm are shot into hot water (over 55°C) (such as a hot tub or spa) or a pool of bubbles, the sperm will be inactive within seconds. Even in warm and pure water, sperm can only survive for a few minutes.


– Headless sperm can swim around in the water, but you have to understand that even when ejaculated into the vagina, only one in 10,000 sperm will find an egg, and how big is a bathtub to them? About the size of the Milky Way for us.


– Finally, and most importantly, if a girl is just sitting in a bathtub or swimming in a pool, her vagina is not “open” (unless she has a penchant for holding odd positions in the water). Most medical experts believe that ejaculating in water and getting a girl pregnant is, in most cases, simply impossible.


I heard that even if you ejaculate internally if you have sex in a hot tub, you don’t have to worry too much because the heat helps with contraception?

First of all I want to tell you: this is not true!


Although guys lose some of their sperm when they stay in a hot tub for more than 30 minutes, those strong sperm will still survive. And even if the sperm army loses some of its old and weak, guys can still ejaculate 200-500 million healthy sperm …… and they only need one egg to be fertilized.


Also, in a hot tub, body wash and heat increase the chances of condom breakage.



Are you more likely to get an STD when you have sex in water?

When having sex in water, there is still the possibility of contracting some STDs and HIV because usually hot tubs and spas are simply not hot enough to destroy the virus. So, even if you have sex in water, it is important to use condoms.


In addition to contracting STDs, having sex in a swimming pool, bathtub or other pool increases the chances of urinary tract infections.


– Pistoning causes the vagina to dilate, increasing the likelihood that substances such as bacteria, salt and chlorine will enter the vagina and cause allergies or infections.


– Having sex in swimming pools and hot tubs, the water dilutes the vaginal lubricating fluid secreted by the cervix, which is naturally antiseptic in itself.


– Having sex in natural bodies of water (such as lakes and oceans) is even more of a death sentence. These unsterilized bodies of water may have strange bacteria or parasites living in them, and if these little creatures enter the vagina …… The picture is too beautiful to imagine.



In the water sex actually have to wear a condom?

Yes, as said before, sex in water, there is still the possibility of pregnancy and infection with STDs.

Be wary that hot water, chlorine ions in the water, or oily substances (like body wash) can make condoms vulnerable. If the water gets into the gap between the condom and the penis, the condom is likely to just float away and the guy won’t even notice at all!


So what exactly does it take to have pleasurable sex in water?

First, choose clean water

Second, remember to wear the right size condom

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