Sperm 8 kinds of fancy ways to die, men do not hurt your sperm again

A large amount of research evidence also shows that: the quality of human semen is declining year by year worldwide, human sperm concentration is declining at an average rate of 1% per year, and the average number of sperm in men has been reduced by half in the last 50 years.


Another set of data, according to the last 5 years of Shanghai human sperm bank data analysis, Shanghai 4 people donate sperm on 3 people do not meet the standard, Zhejiang Province, 500 donors can be successfully in the sperm bank less than 30%, Sichuan Province human sperm bank qualified rate of about 29%.


Every time you joke about a big business of 200 million, after reading this set of data, did you feel that small business is almost impossible to talk about? Why is the quality of tadpoles is not as good as day by day? Take a look at the eight kinds of fancy death of sperm, you will know the answer.


A. Heat death

The best temperature for sperm to occur and mature is 34~36℃, 1~2℃ lower than the human body temperature of 37℃, so the eggs (testicles) of the tadpoles are growing outside.


Like to wear tight pants, jeans and other poorly ventilated pants, love to soak in hot springs, sauna, have the habit of stilting, these “steam eggs” behavior, will affect the growth and development of tadpoles. Therefore, many tadpoles are “heat death” before they come out to see the world.

Second, smoked to death

Compared to non-smoking men, smoking men have significantly lower sperm vitality and higher sperm malformation rates.


A cigarette can produce 200ml of toxic gases, these toxic gases include nicotine, nicotine, tar, nitrosamines, carbon monoxide and so on, smoke more, the tadpoles will be these toxic gases “smoked to death”.


Third, the poisonous death

Some drugs, such as antihypertensive drugs, sedatives, anesthetics, etc. have a certain degree of reproductive toxicity, while some cosmetics contain estrogen, which can affect gonadal function.


In addition, men who often dye their hair have a higher chance of infertility.


At the same time, too much exposure to heavy metals in life, such as copper, cadmium, lead, cobalt and so on, will damage the eggs of the sperm function.


All of these are the culprits that “poison” the tadpoles.


Fourth, the drunken death

Maybe you know that drinking hurts your liver, but you don’t necessarily know that alcohol can also make tadpoles “drunk to death”.


Studies have shown that alcohol can cause gonadal toxicity, damage testicular interstitial cells, inhibit testosterone synthesis, resulting in low serum testosterone levels, resulting in a decrease in sperm vitality and number, and an increase in malformation rates.


In foreign countries, couples who conceive after drinking a lot of alcohol on the weekend, the fetal malformation rate is significantly higher than usual, they call this child “Sunday doll”.

Five, starving to death

Because of unbalanced diet or metabolic disorders caused by nutritional disorders, such as vitamin A, B, C and E deficiency, and usually love to eat spicy and stimulating, greasy food, these will interfere with the eggs of the sperm production function. Therefore, the tadpoles will eventually be “starved to death” due to “malnutrition”.


Good nutrition is the basis for healthy tadpoles, and a balanced diet of milk, eggs, meat, soy products, fish and shrimp, fruits and vegetables should be eaten, and the intake of protein, vitamins and trace elements should be enhanced.


Sixth, the photo dead

We are in daily contact with cell phones, computers, pads and other electronic products, these products have a certain amount of radiation. Studies have shown that those men who often put their cell phones inside the belt of their pants, the number of sperm decreased by thirty percent, and the vitality of sperm also decreased significantly.


An experimental study showed that rats were exposed to microwave radiation from cell phones for five minutes and experienced sperm DNA damage. Damage to sperm DNA reduces fertility and increases the incidence of childhood diseases, such as childhood malignancies, autism and other emotional disorders.


Therefore, too much radiation can “kill” tadpoles.


Seven, sitting dead

Many young and middle-aged men who are preparing for childbirth are office workers, so beware of sperm being “killed”.


The long sitting itself will make the male reproductive organs blood flow slowed down, long-term egg blood supply is insufficient, will cause sperm occurrence and maturation environment ischemia, hypoxia state, resulting in sperm number and vitality decline.

Eight, blocked

Many young men will be checked for mycoplasma, chlamydia, mycobacteria and some other genitourinary system infections when they do marriage or fertility tests. This may be usually no obvious symptoms and ignored, but the long-term existence of germ infections are prone to vasovaginitis, vesiculitis, etc..


For men who have had their vas deferens ligated and later recanalized, the ligation can also lead to different degrees of blockage of the vas deferens after recanalization, so the sperm is “blocked”.

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