How to tell if a girl has a crush on you? Start with these 3 places!

Have you ever had this kind of trouble? You don’t know whether the girl you like is interested in you or not, and you don’t know how to test and judge her mind, and you are not sure what to do next in order not to destroy the current relationship, but also to have the opportunity to make the relationship move forward.

I think the question of “how to tell if a girl is interested in a guy” should be answered by a girl, in the end, when a girl does something, it may mean that she has a good feeling about you, or she is interested in continuing to know you.

How would you behave if you have a crush on a guy? Let’s listen to what girls say

“If I’m interested in a guy, I will definitely try to learn more about his life and find ways to make him notice me. I would also try to create opportunities to chat, have dinner alone, go to the movies, or even see the night view. Also, girls who are a little sappy in their speech are almost certainly definitely definitely interested!” 

“When a girl is interested in a guy, and the guy makes an invitation and the girl’s time can’t accommodate it, she will definitely take the initiative to propose another free time again, which I think is an indicator of whether or not the girl wants to continue to get to know the other person.” 

“A few signs that I’m interested in a guy:

  1. when chatting, they will keep peeking at each other and giggling all the time
  2. the topic of conversation will be brought to the other party’s preferences, and then remembered, when the opportunity to courtship
  3. take the initiative to create opportunities to be alone
  4. intentional or unintentional physical touch, resulting in ambiguity.”

“When I’m a little bit nice, the guy must be able to obviously feel that I want to know him more. For example, when the other person shares about himself, I will definitely have a lot of FOLLOWING QUESTIONS and also extend to other topics, hoping to get to know him better. On the contrary, even though the chatting is uninterrupted, but the girl doesn’t show curiosity about the guy, I think maybe she doesn’t have any special feelings for the other person.”

“When I meet a guy I have a good feeling about, I usually look for opportunities to chat with him or take the initiative to ask him out to give each other more chances to get to know each other, and it usually doesn’t take too long between the first date and the next one, unless I slowly feel less after getting along.”

You can observe whether a girl has a good feeling about you from these 3 places

Combining the above women’s real answers, as well as my own experience, I’ve compiled the following three ways that guys can observe if a girl has a crush on you:

  1. you ask her out (alone or with friends), is she willing?

The most basic thing about relationship building is the willingness to spend time with each other, so when someone is willing to spend time with you, it means that there is a certain degree of regard or care for you.

If the person you are trying to date is available, it means that the other person may also be interested in you. But the so-called “can be asked out” can be observed in more detail:

– How often do you go out together? Take me as an example, if I am interested in the other person, I will go out with him at least once a week, up to 3 or 4 times. Everyone may be willing to spend different amounts of time on relationships, but unless he’s very repressed, if he really likes you, he won’t be able to resist spending time with you.

– Do you initiate each date or does the other person? If a girl is interested in you, she will usually release the opportunity for you to make a date, such as telling you when she is free, or asking you directly if you want to go somewhere together to play or do something.

So, if you are interested in a girl, you should be bold enough to ask her out! If you feel that you have been politely rejected by the other party, then temporarily return to the pure friendship, do not keep about, but may make the girl because of the pressure to keep distance from you.

  1. When you chat with her, does she show curiosity about you and want to know more about you?

When you have a crush on someone and want to go further, you will want to know more about them, after all, we all want to make sure that the other person is really the right person for us.

As one of the women shared, she would ask following questions in chatting or participate in activities together to create more opportunities to get to know each other.

If you want to know whether a girl is interested in you or not, you can observe whether she has the following kinds of reactions when chatting:

– Will take the initiative to ask questions: take the initiative to ask about your past, your life, work, family, friends, etc., in order to understand you as a person as much as possible. This is the most common thing I do when I meet my favorite object, I like to ask questions to understand each other, but also to observe whether the other party is willing to answer with an open heart.

– Will continue your topic: When you are sharing, the other person will take the initiative to continue your topic, or after you ask her questions, also ask you back what you think. For example, I once had a guy who was into design-related topics, and since I knew that was what he was into, I wanted to listen to him share more, so I could understand his point of view and specialty better.

– Chatting” is what I used to spend most of my time doing on dates, we could just be in front of the dormitory and talk for 4-5 hours or even until it gets light out. The point of chatting is not one-way output, but two-way communication. By actively asking each other questions, asking back questions, and continuing the conversation, it means you’re both curious about each other.

  1. For your body close to, she is avoided, or in fact do not reject?

In addition to chatting through each other’s hearts closer, because like each other, you will naturally in the body, want to draw closer to each other.

So the physical distance, is also a basis for judgment, if the girl is interesting to you, you may find:

– She does not exclude your proximity: for example, shoulder to shoulder standing together, when you intentionally or unintentionally close to her shoulders, elbows, she will not gently avoid, or deliberately keep a distance from you.

– She may even approach you of her own accord: when sitting together, for example, she will sit a little closer to you, perhaps not leaning in, but not as close as a friend might. Or she may touch you physically, whether intentionally or unintentionally, such as tapping you on the shoulder, touching your hand, or even resting her head gently on your shoulder in a romantic or quiet moment.

In the past, when I was dating, I would judge how much the other person was attracted to me by the distance of their body and their reaction. In my own experience, the beginning of this kind of physical contact between the two sides do not dodge, is almost certain that both sides are interested in each other.

However, it is important to note that you can not do this at the beginning, because if the other party does not have a good feeling about you, do so will make the feeling of disgust increased significantly. So it is recommended to at least confirm that most of the first two points have passed, and then advanced to physical contact, will be a safer option.

However, you should also be reminded that, after all, every person is still unique, and performance may still vary from person to person because of family background, past emotional experiences, personality, etc.

In my case, when I have a good feeling about the other person, I will take the initiative to share my past, mood, etc., in the hope that the other person can understand me better. But not all girls are like me, some may wait until the relationship reaches a certain level before they really open up their hearts.

So the above three points can be referred to, but I think the most important thing is the accumulation of experience in interacting with the opposite sex.


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