Body Sexual Massage

If you are willing to explore each other’s senses together, then massage will take you into newer physical play and sexual
The space of play and sex will make the sexual relationship richer.
You will remember that in the days of your relationship, you exchanged caresses as often as you kissed. But
However, once a specific relationship is established, i.e. a very healthy and mutually rewarding one, life often lacks
The feeling of romantic excitement and the desire to give back to each other is often lacking. Yes, in our society, many couples have lost
the precise touch of each other and ignore that there is a vast middle ground between handshakes and lovemaking, and that this middle ground
The middle ground is where we can become more intimate and more sexually interested, and sexual massage between lovers is the middle ground worth trying.
The middle ground is worth a try.
12 Pleasure Points
Before we massage each other, let us tell you a little secret about our body’s senses.
There are a lot of pleasure points in our bodies that you have not yet developed or are blind to.
The pleasure points highlighted here may be less exposed or caressed, so they are quite sensitive to caresses!
-Gently massaging your breasts can lead to intense pleasure and sexual desire.
-The nipples respond to gentle caresses and increase sexual arousal.
-The lips and mouth are sensitive to touch, which increases sensuality.
-Massaging the lower abdomen will have a relaxing effect and raise sexual response and anticipation.
-Massaging the inner thighs can reduce sexual tension and help sensuality flow.
-Touching the earlobes can quickly convey sensual stimulation and pleasure.
-Caressing the back of the neck can stimulate very strong sexual excitement.
-Stroking the armpits and the soft inner part of the upper arms can be very pleasurable.
-The buttocks are sensual and respond to strong massage.
-The groin, near the sexual organ, is quite sensual.
-The knee (behind the knee) is also very sensitive to gentle massage and touching.
-Massage stimulation of the belly of the m toe will trigger a sexual response throughout the body.
●Preparation for massage
You can buy an inexpensive home massage mat or mat pad, or improvise by pulling out a folded mattress in the
The middle of the floor. If you have a sturdy dining table, you can also put a foam pad or blanket on it. During
Fold a pillow, blanket or towel during the massage.
You will also need some lubricant, massage oil, powder or lotion, and of course you can use the now popular essential oils.
These will allow your hands to flow smoothly during the massage. Most experts recommend using
Some vegetable oils, such as grapeseed, sesame, almond or vegetable oils. Make sure they are at room temperature when you use them.
(cold oils can paralyze relaxed muscles). You can use one or more volatile oils or buy blended oils.
For fragrances, you can use the following fragrances that are considered to have a passionate effect: cedar, cinnamon, clove
However, you should be reminded that you should never use essential oils directly on the skin.
The first step in the massage is to have your partner lie down prone with his or her arms hanging a few inches from the body, head and neck relaxed and not twisted.
Relax, do not twist, if you do not have a massage mat or mat, use a pillow, or a thick towel, or a blanket to support each other,
or a blanket to support each other’s body. Cover a towel or thin blanket on your partner’s back, first rub your
rub your hands together for a few seconds to warm them up. Then, pour a few spoonfuls of lubricant on your hands and get ready to
to start gently massaging your partner.
When massaging, it’s important to remember that the breasts are glands, not muscles, and that you should never
Never put pressure on the breasts. To do this, place the fingertips of both hands in the middle of the bottom of the breastbone and move the fingertips outward in a short
Spread out in a short horizontal line and massage smoothly upward, but not beyond the breast. Pressing under or around the breast
The massage can moderately stimulate the sexual desire of the partner. Form your hands into a cup and gently cover the side and lower part of your breasts, gently stroking upwards and letting your partner feel the desire.
Stroke gently upward, keeping the breast in the palm of your hand. Run your fingers around the nipple and then gently slide them over the nipple to gently stimulate your partner.
sliding them around, gently arousing your partner’s sexual excitement.
Gently massaging your partner’s face can bring a high level of security. Encircle his jaw and chin with your hands and fingers
Then massage your hands upward along the jawbone to the ears, and soothingly sweep your fingers up and outward across his cheeks.
Repeat this several times. Carefully trace the shape of your partner’s lips with your fingertips, gently and slowly massaging the four
The perimeter, upper shoulders and back of the lips.
Kneel next to your partner’s head (or stand, if you are using a table) and spend 1 to 2 minutes on the
massage the top of the shoulders, you will find a series of acupuncture points you can apply pressure to get rid of the hardness in the neck.
To do this, gently squeeze his shoulders and then press the two points below his skull with your thumbs (about 1 inch from each crest) for 5 minutes.
vertebrae) for 5 seconds, then move down each inch of the neck and apply pressure again. (Do this for a while, assuming
Your partner will tell you if you are pressing in the right place). Repeat these movements on the neck and upper shoulders for a total of 6 pairs of
points, ending at the recesses of the shoulder bones. Then, press your hand directly on your partner’s shoulder and slide the acupressure along the shoulder to the
gliding acupressure along the sides.
Legs and hips
Move to your partner’s lower body and massage his buttocks, practically kneading the fleshy areas of the buttocks, gripping and lifting with your hands
Knead the muscles and move the thumb and fourth finger over the important thick layers. Use both thumbs to trigger the intersection of the gluteus and posterior thigh muscles
Massage this crease and the lower edge of the jaw bone several times. Then press and knead each leg along the buttocks to the toes.
For each leg, use rapid alternating (spaced), 5-finger openings with slight pressure on the area with the thigh muscles.
The technique is to use a quick alternating (spaced), 5-finger spread, slightly firm pressure on the thigh muscles. A word of caution: If your partner has varicose veins in the calves, the massage should be done very gently and without pressing on the veins.
Be very gentle and do not press on the varicose veins.
Next, bend one of your partner’s feet up and massage the calf belly, using both hands to circle his ankle with the thumb and knead to the knee.
Then, massage his entire foot and heel. Repeat the process with the other foot.
Using a back and forth flow, massage the uppermost part of the arm, from the shoulder to the wrist, keeping your thumbs on top and the other fingers circling the arm.
Keep your thumb at the top and your other fingers circling the arm. Try a crossover massage and massage the largest muscle in the arm. Then pull
Then pull his arm to stretch it, massage the palm and wrist, and gently pull his fingers outward. Repeat the same for the other hand.
Repeat the same for the other hand.
Head and neck
Returning your hand to your partner’s shoulder, spend a few minutes massaging your partner’s neck, then, working your way up to your partner’s head
Let your fingers spread out and massage the entire scalp of your partner’s head as if you were washing his hair.
As if you were washing his hair. Then, with one hand, place your thumb under your ear and the other fingers behind your skull and gently pull towards you.
This will relax the tension in the head. Then massage the ears, alternating with the temples, cheeks and jaw.
A quick massage of the feet and hands
and feet are the most incredibly sensitive (and lightest), which makes them the best candidates for a mini-massage in front of the TV.
good candidates for mini-massage areas in front of the TV. Here are two 10-minute routines you can do:
Hands – Hold your partner’s hands in both hands, both palms up, and massage his palms. Then turn your partner’s
Then turn your partner’s hand over and use your thumb to press along the back of his hand between the tendons and bones. After repeating the motion, gently
Gently pull his arm outward and squeeze each finger like milk.
Now, massage the fleshy part of the palm, turning his palm upward and using your thumb to explore the muscular area of your partner’s hand.
Then, insert your two pinkies between his thumb and pinkie and stretch his fingers so that
stretch his fingers to spread his palm upward as far as possible. Finally, use both thumbs to massage from the palm of his hand to each finger at the same time. Repeat
Repeat the same motion on the other hand.
Feet – Starting at the ankle, circle one of your partner’s feet with the fingers of both hands, massaging the heel, the ball of the foot and the
the outer edge of the foot. Then, massage with your thumbs along the hamstrings and bones to the front of the foot and do a rubbing motion.
Hold each toe with your thumb and index finger, rub back and forth and gently pull outward. Use your thumb to press on his foot
on the outer edge of his foot just below the little toe, and let the pressure last for a few seconds as you press. This will stimulate points that relieve shoulder
pressure points. Repeat the same action on the other foot.
Feel the next level
A few more massage tips to remind you:
Always maintain physical contact with your partner while moving both hands in a regular rhythm, or massage.
Let your movements be slow and let each massage last a few minutes. The body has the ability to remember sensations and expects them.
The body has the ability to remember sensations and expects them, so repeating the same movement over and over again can be very comforting.
In joints and areas with thin skin (such as the back of the knee), massage in a smooth motion, without rubbing.
Let your fingers follow the contours of the bone recesses, like the shoulder.

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