deep love and shallow fate

As I sit at my desk, pen in hand, memories of you flood into my mind. It feels as if centuries have passed since we last met. Those images that haunt my dreams, though they cannot stand the test of time, cannot be parted. Despite the desperate cries echoing in my ears, I can’t go back in time.

Just one look, you are deeply imprinted in my heart. Through wind and rain, I have never been able to forget you. I pursued you relentlessly, while you were out of reach. I lost my way, but no matter far or near, I could not forget.

I fell into contemplation, as if I had returned to the enchanting twilight, the rain added beauty to the scenery. Your graceful posture and melodious song charmed the birds and intoxicated the soul. As I drank in the rain and listened to the birdsong, a breeze awakened me from my stupor.

I looked up and saw a strand of your hair floating through the clouds, staining your hair and clothes. Hearing your voice in my dream took me by surprise. When I turned around, there you were, the girl of my dreams. Your slender waist and charming laughter, a red dress that enchants the twilight. You came towards me, and before you could speak, your red lips smiled open. Your beauty was comparable to that of a blooming peach blossom, and your eyes shone like a fresh breeze.

I still remember the river, sand white and willow green, fish swimming around in the shallow water. The sunset tinted the sky with deep colors, accompanied by the whisper of the wind, creating an enchanting night scene. I see you riding alone with a sad face, eager to express boundless longing. I hardly knew my emotions would be trapped inside me, visible only in my tired eyes. Watching your peaceful transformation from afar, my heart is filled with compassion

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